Simulation Exercises for Animal Disease Emergencies

A new open access online training course

Simulation exercises are an integral part of the emergency preparedness cycle (Plan - Equip - Train - Exercise - Evaluate and Update). When conducted regularly, simulation exercises are a valuable tool to validate and test contingency plans and procedures, and to assess the overall capability and capacity of competent authorities to respond to an emergency.  

EuFMD has developed a new online training course that is designed to assist veterinary authorities to plan, conduct and evaluate exercises in a consistent manner. Tools are provided to support decision-making on the type of exercise to select, and to organize the different phases of the exercise. 

This training is intended to be of interest to veterinarians and others who would like to build their knowledge of emergency preparedness for animal disease outbreaks. It will be especially useful for those working with government veterinary services and responsible for the design, implementation or evaluation of simulation exercises. The course may be studied in its entirety, or alternatively is intended to be useful as a go-to reference resource for those working on simulation exercises.

simulation exercise

A simulation exercise recently conducted in partnership with EuFMD.

What does the course involve?


The course consists of seven interactive online modules that cover each phase of the exercise cycle, from needs assessment, through to exercise design, conduct and evalation. Each module should take you approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. After studying the modules, you should complete the course assessment, successful completion of which enables you to download the course certificate.

Alongside the course modules, we have included a library of supporting documents, such as templates and guidance notes, that you may find helpful as you design and implement your own simulation exercises.

To join the course, click the link below. If you are new to EuFMD virtual learning, you will first need to create an account.

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