Introducing the Progressive Control Practitioners' Network

The Progressive Control Practitioners' network is a new EuFMD network design designed for anybody who is working to improve FMD control in countries which are not free of the disease, through the FAO/EuFMD/OIE Progressive Control Pathway for FMD Control (PCP-FMD).

The network aims to help you to:

  • Connect to global colleagues working on similar issues;
  • Present your work and activities to others;
  • Learn from the experience of other countries and colleagues;
  • Access interactive, practical training on topics which relate directly to your work, from internationally recognised experts.

Each month we will focus on a particular topic, you can find the planned timetable of topics by clicking here.

Chris Bartels and Jenny Maud introduce the Progressive Control Practitioners' Network

What happens each month?

During each month there will be a combination of:

  • Webinars featuring international experts and members of the Practitioners' Network, presenting their work. Each webinar is followed by a short quiz which allows you to check your knowledge, and us to track your participation.
  • Online training exercises: putting the webinar topics into practice. Again, a quiz accompanies the exercises.
  • Knowledge bank resources for further reading
  • Online discussions through our discussion forum: ask questions to the experts!

How do I join the network?
To apply to join the network please click here. If you are not yet registered with the EuFMD e-Learning website you will be prompted to register with the site before joining the network.

Tracking your participation

You can pick and choose which training activities to follow according to your interests.

Many of the network's training activities are assessed, and have a number of "training points" associated with them. You can build up "training points" by taking part in network activities. Each training point corresponds to approximately 1 hour of training activities.

In order to  network you should also complete the "Introduction to the Progressive Control Pathway" e-learning course. Click here for more details.

When you achieve a certain number of training points you will be sent a Progressive Control Practitioner Certificate.


10 training points: Bronze Level Progressive Control Practitioner

25 training points: Silver Level Progressive Control Practitioner

40 training points: Gold Level Progressive Control Practitioner


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