Recently updated: open access e-learning courses on the Progressive Control Pathway

The guidelines "The Progressive Control Pathway for Foot-and-Mouth Disease Control (PCP-FMD): Principles, Stage Descriptions and Standards"  have recently been updated.

To reflect the changes, EuFMD has recently updated its open access e-learning courses on the Progressive Control Pathway (PCP).

EuFMD has two courses available on the PCP. Both courses consist of interactive online modules, are openly accessible to anyone interested, and may be studied free of charge. 

You may follow the self-directed courses at a time and place to suit you. Once you have completed the course modules, and the online assessment, you will be able to download a certificate.


EuFMD e-learning courses on the Progressive Control Pathway

PCP learning

What is the Progressive Control Pathway?

This short course introduces the key features and principles of the PCP. The course is suitable for anybody new to the PCP, who would like a rapid introduction.

Time required: 1 hour

Prerequisite knowledge:  none, this course is suitable for all.

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PCP learning

Introduction to the Progressive Control Pathway

This course introduces the PCP in more detail. It has six modules which aim to answer common questions related to the PCP. We start by introducing the challenge of FMD control, and how risk based approaches can be used to make best use of the limited resources available to us to control the disease. Then, we introduce the principles and standards of the PCP, and outline typical activities carried out under the PCP's different stages. We discuss the procedures which are used to determine a country's current PCP stage, and then finally we try to answer the question, what is my role in FMD control?

Time required: 6 hours          

Prerequisite knowledge:  Please study "What is the Progressive Control Pathway" before starting this course.

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