What can you find in the EuFMD Knowledge Bank?


EuFMD's Knowledge Bank is a searchable database of foot-and-mouth disease resources. 
The database can be searched according to topics, language or resource type. Over 450 resources are available including scientific papers, factsheets, websites, videos, webinar recordings and e-learning courses. 
The Knowledge Bank includes resources produced by EuFMD and by external sources. Selected resources have been specifically recommended by EuFMD, and others are marked as "training tools" which can be used if you are designing your own training course on FMD.

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Below are a selection of resources from the Knowledge Bank. Click here to explore it for more!


The Knowledge Bank contains a variety of instructional videos including:

Clinical examination tutorial

Professor David Paton explains how to examine animals suspected of foot-and-mouth disease.


Versión en español de nuestro video sobre bioseguridad cuando se visita una explotación ganadera bajo sospecha de fiebre aftosa.

Penside test

Dr Nick Lyons explains how to use a lateral flow device (penside test kit).

 Laboratory sampling tutorial

Professor David Paton explains how to collect diagnostic samples for foot-and-mouth disease.

Training tools

Training tools are designed to help you to develop your own training course on FMD. For example:

Foot-and-mouth disease "escape room"

This video presents the role-playing game "FMD Escape Room". It is a training tool to revise the knowledge on FMD, covering: FMD transmission; lesion ageing; sampling and laboratory diagnosis; the use of a timeline and contacts priorization; good practices regarding biosecurity. The resources are all the necessary material and instructions to set the role game FMD Escape Room.

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Webinar recordings

Recordings of over 70 webinars are stored in the Knowledge Bank. We've included one below, click here to view other examples

Economic impact due to animal disease - the example of FMD: April 2016
Presenters: Jonathan Rushton, Theo Knight-Jones
Date: April 2016

Summary: This webinar discusses the economic impacts of FMD both in terms of the impact of an outbreak but also the costs of maintaining a free status and risk management.

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The Knowledge Bank also includes guidelines, including:


Template for Developing a Risk Based Strategic Plan (RSBP) for Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease

This document is intended to provide guidance on how to develop a Risk Based Strategic Plan (RBSP) for the control of FMD and the information needed for the plan. It details the outcomes of a situation analysis, the socio-economic benefits of FMD control, a framework for a risk-based strategy as well as ways of monitoring and evaluating a country's progress through the PCP and in developing an RSBP.

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A value chain approach to animal diseases risk management

These guidelines provide technical foundations of the value chain approach to the management of disease risk and describe a practical approach for incorporating risk analysis into a value chain to help apply risk-based control and preventrion to transboundary animal diseases.

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Factsheets and job aids to assist with practical tasks:


Protocol for putting on protective clothing (FMD)

This factsheet uses photographs to describe the protocol for putting on protective clothing when entering a suspect or confirmed FMD infected premises and its removal on exiting the premises.

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Foot-And-Mouth Disease

A factsheet created for farmers in New Zealand (FMD free) detailing the significance of FMD, its clinical signs in cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and deer and what actions a farmer should take if they suspect it on their farm.

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