| Wednesday, 24 May 2017 |
Global event

Optimizing emergency vaccination strategies for FMD: use of simulation models from an FMD control perspective

11:30 AM » 12:30 PM

The webinar will focus on examining case studies that model vaccination strategies. The main aim of the presentation is to make Contingency Planners and Vaccination specialists aware of how to apply the outcomes of different simulation models to aid operational planning for emergency vaccination.

The focus therefore is to provide an FMD control expert perspective on the practical use of models.

Global event

How the FAO/GHSA program could assist lab/epi networking in Eastern Africa?

3:00 PM » 4:00 PM

This webinar is the continuation of the main series which is being held for the Region. It will focus on practical aspects, local country experience and field examples relative to the topic presented, with the participation of a national expert.