Lesion Library

This is a database of images of foot and mouth disease lesions. You may download these images to use in your own presentations.  You can also upload your own images to share with other users (they will be checked by a moderator before publication). If you do use any images please acknowledge EuFMD when you do so. By uploading your images here, you are consenting for others to reproduce them.

Note that unless otherwise indicated, the photographs in this library are of field lesions, and therefore all ages given are estimates. You may disagree with the lesion age given- if so, please do feel free to add a comment using the "comment" option at the bottom left of the screen.

Species: Pigs
Lesion location: Feet
Estimated lesion age: Cannot age accurately
Notes and description:

Note detachment of claw- thimbling.

Photograph of lesion: