How to join a course

There are several ways to get involved with EuFMD’s training program:

Are you from an EuFMD member nation?
If you are from an EuFMD member nation, you may be eligible to join a training course listed in the EuFMD's Training menu. The first step is to contact your country’s EuFMD training focal point. Please write to for details.

Are you from an EuFMD non-member nation?
Our courses, training, field exercises can be organized "on demand" and ad-hoc for specific country needs, just get in touch and we can provide more information.

Training Courses

Real Time Training
Foot-and-Mouth Disease Emergency Preparation Course
Foot-and-Mouth Disease Investigation Training Course
Lumpy skin disease preparation course
Sheep pox and goat pox course
Rift Valley fever course
Passive surveillance for FAST diseases course
Organizing Simulation Exercises for animal disease emergencies
FAST disease crisis management
Putting vaccination into practice
FAST diseases wildlife surveillance
Depopulation, disposal and cleaning and disinfection
Passive surveillance for FAST diseases
Foot-and-Mouth Disease Laboratory Training Course
Rift Valley fever Laboratory Training Course
Capripox Laboratory Training Course
Virtual cascading workshop
In-country cascading mission
Applying Public-Private Partnerships to control FAST animal diseases training courses
Foot-and-mouth disease risk analysis along the value chain training course
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccination and post-vaccination monitoring training course
Introduction to rift valley fever open-access training course
Socioeconomic impact assessment of foot-and-mouth disease
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EuFMD Training is demand-led, and courses are held according to the interest of Member Nations, the European neighborhood and the Global Strategy for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease.

Our courses are designed to assist you to address real-world challenges and are offered in multiple languages by experienced global experts on FMD and Similar Transboundary (FAST) animal diseases.

If you have interest in joining one of our courses, fill in this form.

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