EuFMD has developed a new virtual learning capacity which will substantially increase the reach and depth of our training programme. With two courses already available and others in development, EuFMD virtual learning will contribute to FMD preparedness and control efforts through complementing our existing range of training courses and addressing specific issues by offering tailored training solutions.

Online training programme

We have developed an online training programme that equips you with skills and knowledge needed to address real-world challenges. These include:

Introduction to FMD
This course provides an essential overview of FMD recognition,
diagnosis, outbreak investigation and the challenges of control.

Introduction to the Progressive Control Pathway (PCP)
This open-access course introduces the Progressive Control Pathway, the tool used by FAO, WOAH, and EuFMD to improve FMD control in non-free countries

Introduction to RBSP
Using a series of short interactive modules this course gives a broad introduction to guide the development of Risk Based Strategic Plans which are required to progress from stage one to stage two of the Progressive Control Pathway

FMD Emergency Preparation Course
This on-line course covers FMD clinical and laboratory diagnosis, lesion ageing, epidemiology, outbreak investigation, biosecurity, control measures and more with assistance of two on-line FMD expert trainers.

FMD Emergency Preparation Course: National tailored
The course is adapted to the national contingency plans and standard operating procedures of the requesting country, with additional content added on request.

FMD Investigation Training Course
The course covers investigation of FMD outbreaks including clinical diagnosis, lesion ageing, sampling, laboratory testing, epidemiology, outbreak investigation, biosecurity, vaccines and vaccination.

FMD Socio-Economic Impact Assessment
This course covers FMD impact assessment methods, provides practical tools on how to conduct impact assessments, collate and analyse the data collected, and outlines how to model impact at sectoral or national level.

FMD Risk Analysis Along the Value Chain
This course introduces the concept of value chains and how to analyse risk along the value chain, identify risk hotspots for FMD transmission and apply them to formulate a risk based strategic plan for FMD control.

FMD Post Vaccination Monitoring
This course covers FMD vaccines, decision making on their purchase, serological studies to assess vaccine quality and population immunity, assessment of field vaccine effectiveness and evaluation of vaccination programmes.

FMD Laboratory Investigation Training Course
This course is produced in partnership with FMD World Reference Laboratory at the Pirbright Institute and covers diagnostic testing methodology, including test interpretation and laboratory troubleshooting.

How to join a course

There are several ways to get involved with EuFMD’s training program:

Are you from an EuFMD member nation?
If you are from an EuFMD member nation. you may be eligible to join a training course under our Pillar I Training Program. The first step is to contact your country’s EuFMD training focal point. Please write to us at for details.

Are you from an EuFMD non-member nation?
Our courses, training, field exercises can be organized "on demand" and ad-hoc for specific country needs, just get in touch and one of our trained team, whom can provide more information.

Take a virtual learning course
Most of our courses are open and free-access, simply enrol yourself onto a course. You can also find out more about specific tailored courses that could work for you.

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