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EuFMD's online networks host regular webinars on a wide variety of topics related to foot-and-mouth disease emergency preparedness and control. Recordings of all of the webinars can be found by searching our Knowledge Bank. 
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Pigs and foot-and-mouth disease
Presenters: Jonathan Arzt, Carolina Stenfeldt and Mark Hovari
Date: 29 March 2018

Summary: The webinar focuses on two specific topics, one on comparing the clinical signs of Seneca Virus and FMD in pigs, and one on the implications of pigs not being carriers of FMD.

Foot-and-mouth disease in wildlife
Presenters: Tsviatko Alexandrov, Marius Masiulis and Mark Hovari
Date: 23 April 2018

Summary: this webinar focuses on foot-and-mouth disease in wildlife. The following topics will be covered:

  • FMD susceptible wildlife species in Europe and clinical signs;
  • Sampling methods in wildlife;
  • Hunting and biosecurity;
  • FMD contingency planning for wildlife.

Optimizing emergency vaccination strategies for FMD: use of simulation models
Presenters: Mark Hovari, David Paton
Date: 24 May 2017

Summary: The webinar focuses on examining case studies that model vaccination strategies. The main aim of the presentation is to make contingency planners and vaccination specialists aware of how to apply the outcomes of different simulation models to aid operational planning for emergency vaccination. The focus therefore is to provide an FMD control expert perspective on the practical use of models.

Public-Private Partnerships towards FMD control: lessons learnt from OIE Public Private Progress initiative

Presenter: Isabelle Dieuzy-Labaye  
Date: 9 September 2018      
Summary: An introduction to the work OIE is currently undertaking to support member countries to develop sustainable public-private partnerships to strengthen veterinary services.

Impact socio-économique de la fièvre aphteuse et le rôle du commerce transfrontalier du bétail dans l’amplification et la dissémination des maladies  
Intervenants: Karima Ouali, Etienne Bonbon, Damian TagoPacheco, Anais Leger, Baba Soumare 
Date: 14 Juin 2017

Resumé: Le webinaire se penche sur l’Impact socio-économique de la fièvre aphteuse et le rôle du commerce transfrontalier du bétail dans l’amplification et la dissémination des maladies.

Investigation of apparent vaccine failure

Presenters: Laure Weber Vintzel, Chris Bartels, Nick Lyons       
Date: 8 March 2018      
Summary: In this webinar on investigation of apparent vaccine failure, we introduce three main topics: What is apparent vaccine failure?, What are the possible reasons for apparent vaccine failure?, Is there a structured approach to investigate apparent vaccine failure?.

Market impact of foot-and-mouth disease control strategies: A UK case study
Presenters: Siyi Feng, Melissa McLaws                              
Date: 7 December 2017   

Summary: Economic impact assessments of foot-and-mouth disease control strategies are often based on benefit–cost framework, which provide detailed information on the changes in profit for a farm or budget implications for a government. However, this framework cannot capture price effects caused by changes in production due to culling of animals; access to international markets; and consumers’ reaction. These three impacts combine to affect equilibrium within commodity markets. In light of the increasing interest in the use of vaccination in controlling FMD in countries previously free from the disease, this study uses a partial equilibrium modelling framework based on outputs from an epidemiology model to demonstrate the potential market consequences of alternative FMD control strategies in the case of the UK. 

Вебинар Обеспечение безопасной торговли и контроль ящура 
Presenters: Мереке Тайтубаев , Валерий СитниковЗулайка Анварбекова Динара Иманбаева
Date: 14 June 2018

Summary: Вебинар Обеспечение безопасной торговли и контроль ящура  

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